Commercial Roofing Services

Silktown Roofing provides many commercial and industrial roofing services throughout the nation, including green and specialty roofing.

New Roof Installations

Silktown Roofing offers new commercial roof installations in seamless logistical coordination with all site trades.


Full removal of existing roofing with proper disposal and recycling of all generated debris.

Preventative Roofing Maintenance

Extend roof life, protect warranties, significantly reduce emergency repairs.

Historic Restoration

Restoration with strict adherence to historical aesthetics, combined with structural enhancement.


Full waterproofing division to complete the process of waterproofing the entire building envelope.

Green/Solar Roofing

Energy saving installations that also extend the full life expectancy of your roofing/waterproofing system.

Custom Metal

Metal roofing is a great alternative to shingles or slate, and is durable, sustainable, and, most importantly, recyclable.

Aerial Technology

Drones fitted with thermal cameras can locate roofing issues, and make project management safer and more efficient.