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Often roof space is considered lost space, but paver systems can turn these overlooked areas into usable outdoor terraces. 

When integrated with a green roof, functional patios can be created to increase a building appeal as well as tenant satisfaction. 

Paver roofs typically consist of a roofing or waterproofing system installed over a structurally ample deck that is covered with drainable concrete pavers. 

Pavers can come in a variety of colors and surface textures to compliment the building. Pavers can also be used in conjunction with green roofs to create walkways and paths, or can be installed as larger areas and fitted with benches, tables, and planters to construct inviting and attractive open-air spaces for employees, tenants, or customers.

Whether a simple layout or an elaborate design, Silktown Roofing has the experience and expertise to turn your wasted roof space into the focus point of your building.


Silktown Roofing has a full waterproofing division to complete the process of waterproofing your entire building envelope.

worker using roller brush to waterproof a roof

Parking Decks

The rehabilitation of existing parking decks, such as roof-top parking, require specialized knowledge. Typically, the existing system has to be removed or neutralized, and a new one applied. The selection of the new system to withstand traffic wear, oils, and rubber residue requires the guidance of a contractor that has experience in the performance of various options under the conditions the particular project presents.

Plaza Decks

The selection of the correct system for these decks depends upon exposure, traffic patterns, and aesthetics. Finish choices include the selection of color and various textures including anti-slip surfacing. Non-visible waterproofing systems for plaza decks include between-slab membranes and under-tile waterproofing.

Liquid Waterproofing

Liquid waterproofing systems are cold-applied membranes that are rolled or sprayed over a flat roof or surface. This provides seamless protection for the roof or, in some cases, terrace, foundation, and parking garages. The waterproofing process can also be used to extend the life of an existing roofing system and potentially the warranty on a given assembly.


Curtain Walls

We offer caulking systems on high-rise curtain wall panels and all tilt-up construction joints.

Dissimilar Materials

Silktown provides solutions where materials with different coefficients of expansion meet, from masonry to metal joints. Vertical surfaces of masonry, concrete, or stucco can be waterproofed and colored using elastomeric coating products.

Below Grade

New Construction

We are approved to apply a number of the most effective below-grade waterproofing systems to be installed before, during, and after the installation of the foundation.

Subterranean Parking

When the water table is high enough to leach water into a below-grade parking area, your choices to prevent this are limited to repairing the walls and floors from the inside.

Silktown’s specialist project managers and waterproofing team will consult with you for the best solution to your issue. 

Silktown has been awarded for its waterproofing division by major manufacturers, such as American Hydrotech, Vulkem, Dow Corning, Cetgo, Tremco, Sarnafil, Pecora, W.A.Grace, and others.


Silktown can furnish and install any of your rooftop accessory needs. Proper detailing and installation of all accessories is necessary to protect the standing warranty on the roof and ensure all penetrations are done appropriately to avoid any failures to the weathertight condition of the roof. It’s crucial that during the construction of a penetration, all relevant parties both inside and outside of the building are aware of such. Before making any openings on a roof, always ensure you are following OSHA standards and have all safety measures in place.