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Asphalt Roofs

Providing Asphalt Roofing Services throughout the U.S.

Built-Up Roofing

One of the oldest roof systems, composition roofs were originally layers of organic felt paper laminated together with either hot asphalt or coal tar pitch to create a multi ply membrane. Now more commonly know as Built-Up Roofing, this layered type of roofing has proven itself over time. Today’s felts are often reinforced with synthetic fibers that are still installed in layers and finished with either a traditional flood coat of asphalt and gravel aggregate or used in conjunction with Modified Bitumen roofing products.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Using the same principle as Built-Up roofing with multiple layers laminated together, Modified Bitumen is different in that its plies consist of a synthetic reinforcing scrim that is enveloped with a modified asphalt. This modified asphalt, typically either APP (Atactic Polypropylene) or SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene), provides a greater elasticity to the roof. The top ply or cap sheet typically has a granular surface that is available in various colors. The APP membranes are bonded together with heat from a hot torch while the SBS systems are installed with either hot asphalt, torch or a cold applied adhesive.

These roofing systems have greatly evolved from the days of just slopping some hot asphalt onto a deck and adding some felt paper. Manufacturers now must meet the wind uplift requirements and, with longer warranty periods, have instituted stringent quality control practices. Installers must typically be certified and be willing to warranty their work for the first two years of the roof’s life.

Silktown Roofing is a certified installer for most of the major manufacturers found in the Northeast. In many cases, Silktown has earned the status of Master Installer, attained only through a consistent track record of high quality workmanship with a minimal incidence of defects. During installation of asphalt roofs, there are often complaints about the odor of hot asphalt. Silktown has invested in fume recovery equipment that helps to reduce these odors. Our roofers work in tandem with our sheetmetal and carpentry crews; each trained in the specifics of their trade for the different roofing systems.

Let Silktown Roofing show how you can add your building to their list of outstanding asphalt roof projects.