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About Silktown Roofing

Silktown Roofing is a full-service Commercial Roofing and Industrial Roofing Company in the United States

Silktown Roofing is a full-service roofing and waterproofing contractor that offers a commitment to service unmatched in the roofing industry. From the largest new construction projects, replacement on existing roofing systems, waterproofing and damp proofing projects, aggressive preventive maintenance for the entire building envelope, and the unexpected emergency leak repair, Silktown Roofing demonstrates the highest level of professional workmanship.

Silktown Roofing was founded in 1984 with just 6 employees, a couple of trucks, our integrity, and a commitment to build relationships with commercial and industrial customers through service. Since then, we have built a solid reputation, enjoyed steady growth, and achieved recognition from all major roofing material manufacturers for the quality of installation and maintenance of their roofing and waterproofing systems, and our excellence in workmanship.

Now with over 300 employees, our original values of quality workmanship and our commitment to customer service are still our top priority.

We specialize in commercial and industrial roofing and waterproofing applications including, but not limited to, built-up, single-ply, tile, slate, shingles, metal, and all types of waterproofing for the entire building envelope.

All projects, from minor repairs to re-roofing and new roof installations, are dealt with in the same professional manner. Our team of trained roofing professionals tend to each detail of the project and stay in constant communication with our customers from the beginning and throughout the life of each particular system that we work on. We pride ourselves for both Quality and Reliability - the traits our clients have told us were the most important factors in choosing us as their roofing contractor.

Over the years we have continued to upgrade our business with new technology. We have fully computerized accounting, inventory, estimating, project management tracking, and preventive maintenance scheduling systems. These systems assist us in tracking and maintaining every detail of our customers new and existing roofing and waterproofing assets.

We invest in state-of-the-art equipment for the removal and installation of the roofing and waterproofing systems that we work with. We have specialized cranes, high-powered vacuum systems, our own fleet of tractor trailer dump box trailers, rough terrain fork lifts, motorized material handling equipment, and fume recovery systems installed on our asphalt kettles.

We only use warranted materials that have achieved consistent superior performance and inspection ratings. Silktown’s professional craftsmen only install products to the manufacturers, or the National Roofing Contractors Associations (NRCA) roofing and waterproofing details.

Silktown Roofing’s safety policies go above and beyond the local state and federal Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. We know that the safety of our customers and our associates comes first. From the first day of hire, our associates attend our safety orientation meeting and are mandated to attend our ongoing weekly safety meetings. We continuously analyze and provide our associates with site specific job and duty hazard analysis that educates and promotes the prevention of accidents into every task that we perform.

With three offices in New England - Corporate Office in Manchester, CT and satellite offices in Derby, CT, and South Grafton, MA , Silktown can provide timely and cost effective roofing and waterproofing services to customers that have one or several properties in the region.

As we have grown in the size of our organization, and with the confidence of our customers, we have also strengthened our commitment to be responsible corporate citizens. We continue to invest in the education, training, and recruitment of men and women to become professionals in the roofing and waterproofing industry.

At Silktown Roofing, we are proud of who we are and the accomplishments we have achieved. We know that our commitment to service and quality workmanship has made us stand out as the premier contractor of choice. We have built successful relationships with our customers, and they have come to depend on us to continue assisting them in the protection and maintenance of their property and assets.

When you do business with Silktown Roofing, you’ll know that service and quality workmanship still mean what they used to!