Aerial Technology

thermal roof scan

FAA drone licensed pilot and thermographer

Thermal Roof Scans

We use drones fitted with thermal cameras to locate and document possible moisture issues.

Detailed Roof Plans and Roof Reports

Drones are used to measure your entire roof with a detailed and scaled report without having to use expensive lifts to access challenging areas and navigate dangerous conditions.

Progress Construction Photos

Drone photography provides useful progress photos with perspective and scale.

General Site Construction Services

Drones are used for any exterior trade on a construction site, such as 2D and 3D building modeling, surveying, property assessment, logistics, safety, and many other uses to make project management safer and more efficient.

Silktown Roofing, Inc.’s aerial technology capabilities far exceed the ability to capture beautiful photo and  video.  The use of the state of the art technology allows Silktown Roofing, Inc. to measure to scale, capture before, after and progress photos as well as scan for any thermal breaches in an installed roof system.  All aerial work is performed by an FAA licensed drone pilot.  The use of drones has increased Silktown’s efficiencies, safety as well as visibility into all elements of ongoing projects.