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Paver Roofs

Get extra space with a paver roof

Often roof space is considered lost space, but paver systems can turn these overlooked areas into a usable outdoor terraces. When integrated with a green roof, functional, attractive patios can be created that increase a building appeal as well as tenant satisfaction. Paver roofs typically consist of a roofing system installed over a structurally ample deck that is covered with drainable concrete pavers. The pavers, typically 24” by 24” in size, can come in a variety of colors and surface textures to compliment the building. Pavers can be used in conjunction with green roofs to create walkways and paths or installed as larger areas and fitted with benches, tables and planters to construct inviting and attractive open air spaces for employees, tenants or customers.

Whether a simple layout or an elaborate design, Silktown Roofing has the experience and expertise to turn your wasted roof space into a focus point of your building.