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Metal Roofing

Providing Industrial & Commercial Metal Roofing Services in the US

When considering roofing types, metal roofing is a great alternate to shingles or slate. Whether a flat seam copper roof or a standing seam roof with a painted finish, Silktown Roofing installs all types of metal roofing. We work with manufacturers who offer not only 20 year finish warranties, but 20 year weathertightness warranties. Details and assemblies are reviewed prior to construction to ensure your project conforms to industry standards and flashing and trim is tailor made in our fabricating shop to accommodate your specific jobsite conditions.

With the ever increasing focus on energy conservation, Silktown Roofing strives to work with panel manufacturers that offer “Cool Roof” solutions for metal roofs. A “Cool” roof has a reflectively level that meets or exceeds the Energy Star performance levels when installed at a 2:12 pitch or greater. As metal roofing is durable, sustainable and most importantly, recyclable, it merits strong consideration on environmentally focused projects.

Silktown Roofing has extensive experience with metal roofing: from complex historic restorations to simple canopies at shopping malls. Let Silktown Roofing show how a metal roof might work for your next project.