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Green Roofing Systems

U.S.'s leading Green Roofing Company

Given the nature of today’s environmental considerations to build environmentally friendly buildings and to provide a sustainable long term design, owners, architects, governments and the general public are keenly interested in “sustainable, green roofing systems”. As defined by the NRCA a Green Roof System is a roof area of “plantings/landscaping installed above a waterproofed substrate at any building level…”. Installed correctly Green Roofs are attractive, energy saving installations that also extend the use full life expectancy of the roofing/waterproofing system.

There are multiple components that constitute a Green Roof System which may include thermal insulation, drainage composites, aeration layers, protection courses and overburdens of various growth media types and plantings. Understanding of these Green Roof components and their relationship to each other and the overall system design is crucial to providing a successful “sustainable” Green Roof installation. To that end Silktown Roofing’s years of experience, commitment to continuing education and certifications qualify Silktown as a premier applicator who has a thorough understanding of not only the application of the Green Roof System but the functionality of each component as it relates to the individual installation.

Silktown Roofing has installed all types of Green Roof Systems including Intensive Systems, Extensive Systems and various Planter/Paver/Landscaping Systems. Many of these applications also included installation of growth mediums and vegetative plantings. These installations range from installation of light weight stalite based growing mediums and physically planting individual sedum plugs to installation of pre-grown tray systems.

We are experienced with working with growers of the various planting materials and producers of the engineered mediums to provide mediums that are suited to the plantings that the medium will be supporting and the ability to recommend plantings that will thrive in the locale of the actual installation. In addition, we are experienced at matching components of the Green Roof System to meet the over-all requirements of which-ever over-burden system is being installed.

Given Silktown Roofing’s status as a master approved contractor by most major waterproofing/roofing manufacturers, NRCA certification as a SpecRight certified contractor and experience an owner, engineer, contractor or architect can turn to Silktown Roofing as a single source contractor for a sustainable Green Roof installation.